Our Great History

Siala Technical Training Institute was established in the year 2015 Under the sponsorship of the African Development Bank (ADB) in conjunction with the Government of Kenya. The institute came as a replacement to Moi Institute of Technology (MIT) which was converted to Rongo University. The land where the Institute is situated was initially owned by the community that surrendered it to the Government of Kenya for any social project.

The Institute is located in Migori county, along Rongo- Homabay road approximately two Kilometres from Rongo town. It boasts of of very expansive arable land suitable for agricultural undertakings. The institute is commonly referred as "Mesopotamia" because of its location between two adjacent rivers - Misadhi and Nyandito.

The Institute is a centre for both Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) and Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB).

Siala TTI is established to offer the TVET curriculum course up-to Diploma level or any other level as the Cabinet Secretary may Specify. The Institute shall, therefore not mount any programs of study other than those approved by the TVET Authority.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To produce well trained and skilled manpower for industry.
  2. To provide access and increase in student enrollment.
  3. To establish networks and strengthen partnerships.
  4. To improve institutional infrastructure and capacity.
  5. To diversify sources of income.

Mission Statement

To promote skills training in Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET), Research, Science, Technology and Innovation Commensurate with Industry and Community Demands.


A Centre of Excellence in Research and Skills Training Commensurate with Industry and Community Demands.

Charter in English

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Our Charter in English

PDF Charter in English

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Our Charter in Shwahili

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Quality Management System

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Quality Management System


Our Service Charter
  1. Inquiries
  2. Response to Phone calls
Voluntary Visit
Phone Call
15 Minutes
15 Minutes
2. Response to written correspondence Written correspondence Nil 7 Days
3. Processing of Application for Admission Application with relevant certificates Kshs. 300 7 Days
4. Admission of students
  • Completed admission letter
  • Original documents for verification
  • Passport photographs
  • Payment of required fee for the course
Pay admission fees
Pay required tuition fees
1 Hour
5. Registration.
  • Fees payment
  • Qualifies as per academic policy
As per fee structure Within 2 weeks of opening date of term
6. Issuance and replacement of Institute Identity card
  • Report to registry
  • Pay required fee
Kshs. 200 Within 2 weeks
7. Administer internal and external examinations Sit for all papers Administrative Two Weeks
8. Supplementary Exams
  • Sat for a regular examination
  • Release of results
  • Academic board recommendations
As per fee structure As per examination schedule
9. Special Examination
  • Application to academic Board
  • Academic Board recommendation
As per fee structure Within the first week of opening in the proceeding term
10. Payment of procured goods and services Valid invoice, LPO/LSO and other relevant procurement documents Nil 30 working days
11. Training programs Lesson Attendance Administrative As per the time table
12. Processing of registration for National Examinations
  • Full payment of tuition fees
  • Original and copies of Certificates
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Photocopy of ID
Relevant Exam fees 30 Days
13. Issuance of transcript
  • Fully registered student
  • Passed stage examination
Free 1 month after the release of Examination
14. Issuance of leaving certificate
  • Course completion
  • Duly completed clearance form
Free Immediately after completion of external Examination
15. Issuance of end of term report form Sat all of end term examinations Free Within one month of opening in the proceeding term
16. Issuance of external results slips and certificates
  • Fee clearance
  • Duly filled clearance form
Free Within a day
17. Receipt of fee and issuing of receipts
  • Bank slip
  • M-pesa
Free Within two days
18. Industrial Attachment
  • Full payments of attachment fees
  • Clearance of tuition fees
  • Passed stage examinations
Kshs.2,000 As per the Schedule
19. Assessment of students during attachment Duly filled attachment information form Free As per attachment schedule


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